Sunday, May 18, 2008

Congratulations Caleb and Becca!

My cousin Caleb and my friend Becca got engaged yesterday. Since they don't have a blog I will tell you guys alittle about their relationship. Caleb got back from his mission the first week in January. I was trying to think of cute, fun, nice girls I know to hook him up with. Most of you that read my blog know that I could not just hook Caleb up with anyone, because we are very close and it had to be someone I loved and approved of! So I was going through all the girls I knew and then I thought of the perfect one! Becca and I met working a Zion Ponderosa together. We were the best of friends at the Ponderosa I know she would be perfect. Mostly I just wanted Caleb to go on a date I had no idea hooking him up on a date with my friend Becca would lead to this haha! So when I hooked them up on a date I was still in Califonia so I gave them my Jazz tickets. They had been talking on the phone a few days before they first went out and they were both really nervous and excited to go on a date. It was pretty fun to hear both sides when they first started dating and I was very excited because they both really liked eachother so I know I had made a match. They have now been dating about 4 months and they know that they are in love and want to spend the rest of their lives together haha (I am such a sap)!

So yesterday I had the privalidge of helping Caleb with the Proposal. Dave and I went to Thanksgiving point about 15 minutes before Caleb and Becca would arrive. Earlier that day Caleb, Aunt Pam, and I spent the morning preparing. Caleb typed up some entrys from from his journal of dates they had and thinks they have done. Me and Aunt Pam made them cute haha. So we planned where we would put them and everything. So then Dave and I set them in all the spots in the Gardens at Thanksgiving point. The last stop There was a rose sticking out of the ground The ring was on the rose. There was also one last journal entry with that days date on it. It was blank so they could write in together what had happened that day. We were hiding up on the top of the waterfall getting it all on tape.

I couldn't be happier for them! I love them both and I am excited that Becca is going to be in the Fam! Haha it takes a strong women to deal with all of our crazy family, she is just crazy enough to fit in perfectly! So cangrats guys love ya both!!!

Here are some pictures of me and Dave yesterday at Thanksgiving Point.

The kids garden had a cool garden maze that we went in haha so here are some pictures of us lost in the maze!

After the fun afternoon at thanksgiving point we went to Aaron and Rachels and had some intense wii playing! We love the Wii!


The Gorrells said...

Yay! Cute pictures of you and Dave. You two are cute together. Your blog is cute!

The Gorrells said...

You changed your blog! That makes me so happy to see pink, and gerber daises! (My favorite!) That is also a mighty cute picture of you.

Pam said...

Thanks Coco, for the reporting, and for all your help, from the first day to last day of bringing such happiness into Caleb's life.
Aunt Pam