Sunday, May 18, 2008

Happy Mothers Day in Orderville!

Last Friday me and Aaron went to the Jazz game at 7pm.
After the game we went and picked up Rachel and started
out trip to Orderville. We arrived in my good old home town
at 3am. We all stayed at the motel where I got to sleep in the
falling to love room with Becca haha it was precious! haha

Saturday morning we woke up and lounged around
for a while. Then I went to noahs T-ball game.
It was so cute! Noah just thinks the dirtier his
pants are the better he is.

Saturday afternoon we were all just sitting around talking
so we decided why not sit and talk in the car on the way
down to get the best snowcones in the whole wide world!!!
So Rachel Brandy and I dropped Caleb and Becca off in Zion
to hike while we went and got snow cones! They were just
as good as I always remembered! They were so worth the
drive! I got wedding cake flavor with creme and it was amazing!!!

We got back from getting our snowcones and just hung
out in the nice weather of Southern Utah. We had a BBQ
with everyone. It was a very fun relaxing day!

Sunday morning we had a mothers day breakfast and
had fun watching old home videos that were made with
the family. Then it was back to Nothern Utah.

I just wanted to Thank You Mom for being so wonderful!
Your the Best Mom Ever!!! And thanks for letting all of us
come visit last weekend! I love you!


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