Sunday, May 31, 2009

Hi everyone since I am married now and my name is no longer the same I have created a new blog that I will be posting on now so this will be the last post on this blog.  My new blog is so save it and read it! Thanks love ya all!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Quick Road Trip

   Last weekend I got to go with Matt and our friends Tyler and Whitney to Fresno where Matt grew up.  One of Matt's best friends got married.  

   Also because I was there with one of the groomsman I got to help decorate the car.

  We did have lots of fun making a mess of the car, but I was reminded after word that our wedding is next.  So that means my car is next oops.
   I had such a great time in Fresno it was warm and beautiful and the people I got to meet while I was there were so friendly and nice.  I now see why Matt loves it there so much.  

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Catch Up

  Alright so last I wrote was a pretty exciting time!  And I am having so much fun being engaged.  I have been doing a lot of planning and stuff to get ready for the wedding and I am glad I have another 48 days to get everything done but at the same time I wish it was here now haha.  

   Some things we have been up to since we got engaged.  Well Valentines day was a week after and I had to work but Matt came to Lehi and we went to Olive Garden for lunch.  And he also got me some beautiful flowers!
   Just a few days ago was St. Patrick's day and we made green eggs and ham and green pancakes!

   Those are the only things I have pictures of but we have done other fun things like BYU baseball games,  Jazz games, registering, putting together wedding invitation, bowling, ice skating, group dates and lots of other fun stuff!   This Thursday I am getting in a car with Matt and our other 2 friends Tyler and Whitney we are driving to St. George after work and staying with Whitney's family at their condo for a night and then waking up and driving like 8 more hours to Fresno.  We are going to Matt friends wedding.  It will be really fun to spend time with them and see where Matt grew up, but it is a short trip we will get there Friday afternoon and then we will be there for the wedding festivities on Saturday and then come back to Utah on Sunday!  So I wish we could stay longer but that is alright it will be an adventure haha!  Well hope your all doing well!  Hopefully I will be back soon!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

I love to see the Temple, I am going there May 9th

   I am sure many of you have heard that I am engaged to the most amazing man!  His name is Matt and for those of you who have met him you know that he is a keeper.  I could not ask for anyone better to spend eternity with!  

   So here is the story on Friday night Matt was taking me out for a birthday dinner my birthday was not till Saturday but we had plans with friends and stuff on Saturday so we decided to go to dinner just me and him the night before my birthday.  I had to work that day so when I got off work I went and met Matt in Salt Lake because he was already there for school.  I met him at his school and we took the Trax to the Temple.  We went to dinner at the Joseph Smith Memorial building.  We were sitting on a bench up at the top of the building waiting for our table looking down onto the Temple grounds.  While we were sitting there Matt asked me if I wanted to open my birthday present.  I opened the gift and it was this really cute digital scrapbook that he made on the Internet while I was on my cruise with my family.  The book is a "Remember When" book.
  It has pictures and words about all the things that we have done while we have been dating.  The book is just the cutest thing I love it and I was so proud of him for making something so cute for my birthday.  So I am just reading through every page on the book and then I turn to the last page.
   It felt like it took me a while to put the whole thing together in my head.  I looked at the words for a minute and at the picture for a minute and when I finally figured out what was going on I looked up and he was down on his knee!  It was so so perfect I was so surprised he had done and said many things in the two weeks prior to make me think this wasn't going to happen for a very long time. I jumped up and hugged him and knew what my answer was immediately.  
   My ring is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen.  I was so proud of him for designing it so perfectly he did have a little help from my sister, but we had never been ring shopping or anything like I said it was a complete surprise.  
   As if the whole proposal wasn't enough of a surprise my sister Brandy called me halfway through dinner to let me know that she was going over to my Aunts house to play games with my cousins that that we should come by on our way home.  So we got to my Aunts house and went inside and Matt had planned a whole surprise birthday party for me with all of our friends and cousins and the biggest surprise was that my mom and brothers came up just for one night to come to my party.  It was so so much fun!  

  So now after this story of all the great things Matt has done for me you can see how incredible he is and why I can't wait to grow old with him.  
   The wedding planning is already going very quickly.  There is so much to be done but I am excited and I have lots of help.  So I will keep everyone updated on the wedding plans.  We do know that we are getting married in the Salt Lake City temple on May 9th at 12:40 so there are those details and our wedding colors are Purple Black and Winter White.  So like I said I will keep everyone updated.


This last Thursday Feb. 5th Matt Brandy and I went to judge the MR. MS. T competition at the high school were my cousin Aaron Barth teaches Spanish.  He is also the Student Council Advisor so he had to find judges so he asked us.  It was so much fun we got to judge the couples on their videos they made and their skits they did and finally on the questions they answered.   It was a very entertaining night so thanks Aaron for inviting us.  

Cruisin in Mexico

On January 24th I went on a Cruise with my Dad and our family.  It was so much fun unfortunately I don't have all the pictures ready to blog right now but I will add them later here is a sample of some though.  We went to Cabo and Encinada.  It was a 5 day cruise and I loved it I for sure recommend cruising as a vacation it is so much fun and so relaxing!


Congrat Sis.

   A couple weeks ago my sister Brandy graduated from Cosmetology.  We had fun going to her graduation our friends made you some big signs.  So we are proud of you Brand!  Now she is going to Aesthetics school and loving it.