Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Go UJ!

    One of the other pages in Matt's book was a Jazz game even though we go like every week.  So here are a couple pictures of us cheering on the Jazz.

Fondue Fun

   So for Matt's Christmas present I made him a book of dates.  Each page had gift cards and stuff for dates for us to go on.  So the first one we did was on Jan. 7th we went to a fondue cooking class at Thanksgiving Point.  It was really fun.  We learned how to make lots of good food and even better we got to eat the good food.  I made Matt take a picture with the teacher so we can put the pictures of our dates in the book I made him. 

Monday, January 12, 2009


   On December 29th I flew to Portland, OR.  Where my boyfriend Matt picked me up from the airport.  His parents live in Vancouver, WA.  I got to go spend 7 days there with them.  It was so fun and I was so grateful for the break.   Here are some pictures of some of the things we did.

Matt's parents gave me tickets to the Trailblazer vs. Celtics game.

We went shopping a lot in portland.  I think we went to 3 different malls.  I went there with 3 pairs of shoes and came back with 7 haha.

On New Years eve Matt and his dad lit fire crackers.  And we hung out at his house playing games, eating food, watching movies and watching the ball drop.
One night we went with Matt's family to eat at the Portland City Grill it was on the top floor of I think the tallest building in Portland.  It was really pretty up there and the food was great!
Matt took me to this waterfall.  I cant remember what it is called but it was so beautiful there. 

  I really enjoyed my trip everything there is so green and pretty.  I was thankful for the time I got to spend with Matt and his family.


   Sorry I didn't take very many pictures of Christmas stuff for some reason.  I had to work on Christmas so I was here in Provo.  On Christmas morning I went to my Aunt Pam's house and spent it with the Hicks family.  I was grateful to have someone to spend Christmas with.  I got money from my mom for my new computer.  I got a pick bathroom set from my brother Camden.  Brandy gave me the 5 disk set of Harry Potter and I also got Peter Pan to start my new Disney Movie Collection.  Then on the 28th we went to my dad's house for our Christmas with them.  Our main present from them is the cruise to Mexico that we are going on in 15 days yay!  I am so excited!  So as you can see I had a pretty great Christmas.


Sunday, January 11, 2009

Happy Birthday Matt/ Congrats Tyler and Whitney

   December 20th was an eventful day.  It was my boyfriends birthday and two of his best friends from Fresno (Matt's Home Town) got married that day.  So first in the morning we went to the temple for the wedding and pictures and stuff. 

   After all the Wedding festivities we went to down town Salt Lake to a Marriott hotel.  We got two room and a bunch of our friends came to Celebrate Matt turning 22.  We went to a movie, dinner, swimming and just hanging out we had a lot of fun!