Sunday, March 22, 2009

Catch Up

  Alright so last I wrote was a pretty exciting time!  And I am having so much fun being engaged.  I have been doing a lot of planning and stuff to get ready for the wedding and I am glad I have another 48 days to get everything done but at the same time I wish it was here now haha.  

   Some things we have been up to since we got engaged.  Well Valentines day was a week after and I had to work but Matt came to Lehi and we went to Olive Garden for lunch.  And he also got me some beautiful flowers!
   Just a few days ago was St. Patrick's day and we made green eggs and ham and green pancakes!

   Those are the only things I have pictures of but we have done other fun things like BYU baseball games,  Jazz games, registering, putting together wedding invitation, bowling, ice skating, group dates and lots of other fun stuff!   This Thursday I am getting in a car with Matt and our other 2 friends Tyler and Whitney we are driving to St. George after work and staying with Whitney's family at their condo for a night and then waking up and driving like 8 more hours to Fresno.  We are going to Matt friends wedding.  It will be really fun to spend time with them and see where Matt grew up, but it is a short trip we will get there Friday afternoon and then we will be there for the wedding festivities on Saturday and then come back to Utah on Sunday!  So I wish we could stay longer but that is alright it will be an adventure haha!  Well hope your all doing well!  Hopefully I will be back soon!