Saturday, May 3, 2008

On to Round 2!

Alright everyone! I told you I would see you in Round two and here I am! Tonight was game 6 of the first round against the Houston Rockets the Jazz won 113-91! Round one went alittle something like this. Game one was in Houston the Jazz won 93-82. Game 2 was in Houston the Jazz won 90-84. Game 3 was in
Utah and all of us fans were very excited because we knew we had great odds at home. Unfortunaly we lost 92-94 :( it was a sad day, but we came back strong for game 4 in Utah. This was a great game. Not only did the Jazz win 86-82 but Uncle Miked hooked us up big time with lower bowl seats! It was the best game ever!!! So then it was back to Houston for game 5 we lost pretty bad 69-95 ouch I know! But it all ended well tonight back at home in Utah we won tonight 113-91. So now we advance to round 2 were we get to beat Kobe Bryant and the LA Lakers! So bring it on Kobe!


Laura said...

So fun! How many playoff games have you gone to? GO JAZZ!