Sunday, September 28, 2008

Top of Utah Marathon

Last Saturday September 20Th my boyfriend Matt ran a marathon in Logan UT. The weekend was quite the adventure. He was really excited about this marathon so I wanted to do something special for him. So earlier in the week I decided to make Shirts for all of us to wear to support him. The plan was to make 14 shirts for his friends and family to wear. I got some ideas for his friend Tyler and I was really excited to make the shirts. I thought it would not take to long to do these shirts so I didn't start making them till Thursday (the night we were supposed to leave). It turned out to be quite the process so me and Matt's sister Stefanie spent the whole evening and most of the night making the shirts, but it was worth it because they turned out really cute.

So Friday after work I drove to Logan to mean Matt and his family for dinner. Then all of our friends followed behind. Sadly there were no hotels available in Logan over the weekend so me and all of mine and Matt's friends got to camp. My great mom ordered us a tent online and it came right in time. The tent was huge and fit all 7 of us very comfortably.

Finally it was Saturday morning. Time for the marathon. It actually started at 7am but there were no spectators aloud till mile 14. So the first time we saw matt was at mile 14. He was flying and smiled and was talking to us like he wasn't even tired. At mile 13.1 his time was
1:26: 03 Here is a picture of the first time we saw him.

The next time we saw him was mile 21 it was raining pretty hard while we were waiting so we had to take shelter under trees and tarps. Also while we were waiting for him to come a reporter for the Logan Herold was interviewing our friend about our Team Matt shirts. At mile 20 his time was 2:13:22.

After mile 21 we went to the finish line. Once the clock hit 3 hours we started to get alittle nervous. We really wanted his time to be under 3:10 because that is what you have to get to qualify for the Boston Marathon. But then we finally saw him round the corner. We were so so excited and I am sure he was also pretty excited to see the finish line. He finished the Marathon in 3:05:21. He did so so good!
He is now going to run the Boston Marathon next April.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

AST Dew Tour

On Saturday September 13th I went to the AST Dew tour with my Sisters, brother and friends. For those of you who don't know what this is you should for sure check it out. Usually I am not into these types of things, but we had so much fun. AST stand for Action Sports Tour. So basicly its like the x games. They have Motor X, BMX, and Skateboarding. It was all way intence and very exciting. It was fun to take my brother Camden cuz he is all into boarding stuff so I am really glad he got to come.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Since last time...

Sorry I know it has been a while since the last time I updated. I have been really busy the last few weeks with work, moving, and having fun with my friends. So here are some things I have been doing.
On Aug. 21st I got tickets from my work for an outdoor theater at Sundance Resort "A Midsummer Nights Dream". We all had a little bit of a hard time understanding what they were talking about, but we cought on and had alot of fun.

On August 22nd we had to move out of our apartment at Raintree and we couldn't move into our new apartment at Branbury until the 25th so I got us a suit at the downtown Marriott were I used to work. People thought we were pretty weird wheeling big carts of stuff into the hotel. We had good movers thought here are some pictures of our hotel room with all of our stuff in it and of Matt and Ben helping us move our stuff.

On the 25th we moved out of the hotel and into our new apartment. Everything is finally coming together. So here are a few pictures of the new place. I live with my sister Brandy, her friend from school Jessica and my roomate from my freshman and sophmore year Michelle.
Here is our living room
Our Kitchen
My Bedroom
And my bathroom
So there is our apartment.
That is alot of what I have been up to latly and now I have to go but I will give you alittle more info later.