Sunday, August 17, 2008

Jet Setters to LA!

On Friday Brandy came to pick me up from work. We went to my dad's house for dinner and then headed for the airport. Our friends Matt and Jordan went home to Fresno CA a couple days earlier and They were going to be in LA on Friday so we decided to go meet them there for desert. So we got on our plane here in Utah at 8:30 and landed in LA at 9:30 California time. Our friends picked us up at the airport and he headed straight for Claim Jumper.

After we got our delisious desert and a couple hand fulls of root beer barrels we set off for the beach. We went to Radondo Beach it was beautiful and fun. The beach always is!

It was getting late so we decided to go to the hotel. We stayed a a nice Marriott Renessance. They sold out of our room type so they upgraded us to a Suite. That was nice because I was not sure how all six of us were going to fit in the regular room anyway.
We slept for a couple hours and then me and Brandy got up bright and early to catch a plane home for work and school. So we were in LA for a total of 8 1/2 hours but it was worth every minute! We had so much fun!

Caleb and Becca Hicks!

I promise I will blog more with picutres later cuz that is the fun part but I dont have any of the picutes right now but last week on the 9th of August Caleb and Becca got married. I am so so happy for them and I know they will have a wonderful life together. I am so glad that I am so close to them and I am sad they are moving to Ogden so I can't see them much anymore, but I know when I do that we will have a blast!

I didn't know it was going to be so hard for me to see my Cousin Caleb get married I guess I just always thought I would be first haha. He has always been one of my best friends. He has always been there for me no matter what I was going through. I know that he is still is, but I guess it was just a little hard for me because he now has a new best friend, he is not my Caleb anymore. I knew this day would come and I know that one day I will find a best friend I get to spend my life with too, but I just wanted him to know how greatful I am for him and how much I love him. I think that Becca is so great and wonderful and I couldn't ask for a better person for Caleb to be with, so Becca I guess I can share him with you haha. Be good to each other. Well haha I guess this blog has turned into a letter to Caleb and becca. Sorry everyone but I had to get this off my chest and I will post all the cute pictures of the BBQ, Temple, and Reception when Rachel sends them to me.


So I am sure most of you know, but about a month ago I was offered a new position at my job. I was working front desk, but looking for something more. My manager called me in to his office. He offered me a newer better job. When he told me what the job was I was kind of in shock. You see I have been working front desk and answering phones for 3 different Marriott hotels for the past two years so when my Manager told me they wanted me to be the Housekeeping supervisor I was Little surprised. I new it would be a great step in my career and it would teach me alot more about hotels, so I took the job. I had to wait to start until they found someone to fill my spot at the front desk so I officially started 2 weeks ago. I do like the job and I am learning so much. I get to work at 8:30am I separate the dirty rooms into lists for the housekeepers. The housekeeper all arive at 9am and we have a morning meeting, then they leave to go start their rooms. While they start I go and walk the hotel for anything that need to be done or cleaned I make list (yep just like the ranch list haha). After that I check all the Vacant Ready rooms from the previous day to make sure that they are really Vacant and ready to sell. Then at about 10 I will go around and check on the housekeepers to see how many rooms they have finished and make sure they don't need anything. After they have finished some rooms I start checking the rooms. I have a inspection sheet that I fill out for each housekeeper. I have to check every room they clean to make sure everything is up to Marriott standard. Also I am responsible for all the storage closets in the hotel and making sure they are kept clean, I do all the inventory, I make the schedule for the housekeeper and much more. It is hard work but I know it is worth it. It March the Company that owns my hotel is Building a Marriott Residence Inn in Lehi and if I work hard and prove myself in this position I will be the Assistant General Manager of the hotel. That would be huge for someone my age, so I am really really excited about the opportunities I am getting in life to learn and grow.

Whiting Reunion

On the 29th of July I left my apartment in the afternoon to begin a great adventure with the ones I love most! We left Aunt Pam's that afternoon to head to Orderville. We got there to meat up with about 20 more of our family. We had a BBQ at the town pool and just hung out. The next morning we started our 10 hour trip to Arizona. We made a lot of stops on the way so it felt like it was taking forever to get there. We were about 5 miles to camp when I woke up to a huge pop and the car started shaking. Yep we had a blow out in our tire 5 miles before we arrived. So luckily our cousins (The Pattersons) were not to far behind us so Eric tought us all how to change a tire. Then we finally got to camp. The first night was just the Bodell Family. There was probably 50 of us there. Then next day was when everyone arrived at the Whitting Homestead. It is always fun to see all the people there even thought I don't even know most of them. For those of you reading this that are not in my famiy the Whiting Reunion is my Grandmas Grandparents so all of the desendents of my great great grandparents have the Whiting reunion every 2 years. I have not been to it alot but I am so glad I went this time. We had alot of fun. On Friday Aug. 1st and Saturday the 2nd they did a sort of Poineer Village thing it was way cool. Everyone Dressed up and there were different things you could go see like the cash store, milking cows, spinning yarn, quilting, ice cream parlot, barbor shop, bull wipp, sling shot, chair making, grandma kitchen and much more. It is always very cool to learn about your heritage. Our Family was in charge of the dances in the nights so I got to lead them. There were lots of people who came so it was lots of fun to be up there on the stage again teaching line dances, it took me back to ranch days and Oh do I miss those days! So Saturday night we started our trip home. We made it to Flagstaff AZ where we got a hotel room at the Americana in. It was deffinatly not Marriott! OK I am not going to lie it was pretty scary haha but a fun adventure! Then Sunday we finlly got home. I had a great time and I am so glad I went I always love spending time with my Family!