Thursday, March 27, 2008

Open 3 weeks!

So I started working for SpringHill Suites when I moved back to Utah! I started working there 2 weeks before the hotel opened. It was a really cool opportunity to be here to see everything come together for opening day. I got to learn how to clean rooms and make beds the Marriott way haha! We aslo went through a week of computer training that was very helpful even having had Marriott experience I learned alot! It also brought all of our staff close because we were all working long hours together to get everything done! The hotel has now been open for 3 weeks today and is doing very well! We were 100% booked out first weekend open! We are hoping things go well here and if they do we will soon be opening a Marriott Residance Inn here in Lehi also and I will hopfully have the opportunity then to take a few steps up in my hospitality career!


Laura said...

Good job Courtney! Maybe one day you can teach me the Marriot secrets of cleaning!

Sorensen Family said...

Looking good my friend! You are so professional! I miss you and hope to see you soon. Go Jazz!! I am so glad they beat the Spurs!

Brandy Lyn Stanton said...

Well as Much fun as that looks! I am quitting mine in 45 minutes and I am so nervous I cannot even think strait! hahaha!