Sunday, May 18, 2008

Utah Jazz 2007-2008

Well this season came to an end of Friday night when we lost game 6 to the Lakers by 3 points. It was a rough game to watch. The Utah Jazz had a great season. The team was amaizing this year and I don't think that will change any time soon. The Utah Jazz finished the season with 54 wins 28 losses, and having the best record at home in the whole NBA with 37 wins and only 4 losses. We went into playoffs in 4th. We met the Houston Rockets in the first round and beat them in 6 games. We advanced to the second round to play the L.A. Lakers. It was a exciting series the Jazz lost the first 2 games in L.A. then came back to Utah and won 2 games here at home, so the series was tied 2-2 then we went back to L.A. and lost again in L.A. Then back to Utah were we down most of the game but game back in the end to bring the game within 3 points but we lost when the team missed 2 three point shots at the end to tie up the game. We lost by three which means the end of the road for us this season. I still love my Jazz though! I know one of these years we will get a Championship. We have a really young team with alot of talent, so watch out for the Utah Jazz in the upcoming years because there is going to be a winning team ready to bring Utah their first NBA Championship ever!!!
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Laura said...

Sorry about the loss on Friday Courtney. You are a true fan, unlike me, who doesn't really care until the playoffs. Those pictures were really fun, I want to know how many Jazz shirts you have? You should make a winkflash scrapbook of the season. Check out my blog for the sale info. Love ya!

Liz Kirkby said...

awwww :(

hey courtney, when the Jazz do win the Championship will you promise to do your lipsync to Britney Spears "Lucky". I miss that dance! (not to imply that it would be luck for the jazz)